• Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Heart Valve Disease


    Use the following questions as a tool to help you talk to your physician about your heart valve disease. Print them out and take them with you to your next appointment. Take notes to help you remember your discussion when you get home.

    1. If I have a valve problem, do I need to take antibiotics before I have my teeth cleaned?
    2. What happens to my old valve when you replace it with a new one?
    3. Why does my valve need to be replaced? Why don’t you repair it instead?
    4. I would prefer less invasive treatment so I can be back on my feet more quickly. Why can’t I have TAVR instead of open-heart surgery?
    5. How can I expect to feel if my treatment is a success?
    6. Do I have to take medication? For how long?
    7. What will happen if I don’t receive treatment for my valve disease?
    8. If I have valve replacement, should I get a man-made valve or one made from animal tissue?
    9. If my valve problem is not serious, what do we need to do to monitor it over time?
    10. What symptoms should I watch for that may indicate that my valve disease is getting worse?
    11. What conditions or symptoms should trigger an immediate phone call to my doctor?
    12. What types of surgery is it safe for me to have with my valve disease?

    Print this list, Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Heart Valve Problems, here (PDF).