• Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Quitting Smoking


    The following questions can help you talk to your physician about your individual smoking risk. We invite you to print out or write down these questions and take them with you to your appointment. Taking notes can help you remember your physician’s response when you get home. 

    1. What are the health risks of smoking (or smokeless tobacco) for me personally?
    2. Will quitting smoking (and/or smokeless tobacco) significantly lower my health risks? Even if I already have heart disease?
    3. What are the withdrawal symptoms of quitting and how can I manage them?
    4. Are medications to help me quit an option? If so, which ones? How long will I be on them? And what are the side effects of the medications?
    5. Am I a good candidate to participate in a clinical trial for smoking cessation? How can I get more information about clinical trials that could help me?
    6. Where can I go for smoking cessation counseling or a support group?
    7. I’m worried about gaining weight if I quit smoking. Can you refer me to a dietitian to help me with a heart-healthy eating plan?
    8. I smoke when I drink alcohol. Do I have to give up both?
    9. I’ve tried to quit before and it didn’t work. Does that mean I won’t be able to quit this time?
    10. What can I do to avoid going back to smoking?