• Sexual Activity & Your Heart: How to Support Your Partner Who Has Heart Disease


    When your partner has heart disease, it can make you nearly sick with worry if you let it. Instead, look for ways you can channel your concern into support for your partner. 
    Here are some tips that may be helpful to your loved one. 

    • Talk honestly and openly with your partner. Choose a time and place when you are both relaxed. Share your feelings while avoiding blame.

    • If your partner seems to have lost interest in sex, don’t take it personally. Having heart disease and/or recovering from a heart event can be a physical challenge as well as a scary, overwhelming, emotional experience.

    • Initiate other forms of intimacy with your partner. Take the pressure off your partner by letting him or her know that you are not trying to rush engaging in sexual activity before he or she is ready.

    • Although you may be shouldering extra responsibilities (and stress) while your partner recovers from his or her heart event, try not to be resentful. Instead, don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or other family members. And when you can, give yourself a break and do something nice for yourself to help you unwind.

    • Encourage your partner to seek professional help to discuss concerns and questions relating to your sexual relationship. If he or she won’t seek help, seek professional help for yourself. It sets a good example for your partner and may help you both begin the process of identifying some problems and potential solutions.