• How is SCAD treated?


    SCAD is diagnosed using coronary angiography, and can often be treated medically, using drugs to manage the pain and facilitate the natural healing of the artery. There is some evidence showing that the majority of dissected segments will heal spontaneously with just supportive medical care.

    There is no definitive drug treatment for SCAD, but many patients will be prescribed long-term aspirin and other medications to prevent blood clotting. They might also be given medications that lower blood pressure to reduce internal pressure on the blood vessels. If cholesterol levels are found to be high, statins may be prescribed.

    In some more severe cases, coronary stenting (placing a scaffold in the blood vessel to keep it open) and coronary artery bypass surgery (rerouting blood flow to the heart) are employed. When feasible, coronary stenting, or PCI, is usually the preferred revascularization strategy in these cases.