• Medications for Cardiovascular Disease


    The following table lists the most common types of medications used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease:

    Meds table

    The types of medication listed in this table are not brand or generic names. If you’re not sure which type of medication you’re taking, ask your doctor or pharmacist, or look it up in an online medication database to understand the purpose of the drug and how it will help you.

    Side Effects and Interactions

    If a medication makes you feel bad in any way or affects your ability to function as you normally would, talking to your doctor is important. In fact, it is never a good  idea to stop taking a medication your doctor prescribed without first talking with him or her.  This is because medication is a critical part of treatment and your doctor should work with you to alleviate the side effects by adjusting the dosage or trying a different medication. Each type of medication listed in the table above includes a number of different specific medications. If one medication has serious side effects or interactions for you (even if the side effects concerning your are not in the list above), your doctor may be able to prescribe a different medication.